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News -Wednesday July 12, 2006 have just considered the technology of network without wire MIMO. This acronym of Multiple In Out Multiple announces flows which can make dream and a range a little more important. Then the MIMO, real advanced technology without wire?

Extract: “The networks without wire know a constant growth since their marketing already a few years ago. The routers without wire became very popular products so much so that the traditional versions are definitely proposed. The lines of goods evolve/move constantly with the liking of the official innovations - and semi-official - what includes the manufacturers.

For a few months a new supposed technology to revolutionize the wireless telegraphy has made more and more speak about it: The MIMO. Its benefits would be numerous and represent the future of the wireless telegraphy. However, it would not be the first time that a new technology, supposed to push back in a considerable way the limits of the wireless telegraphy, is shown in the facts rather disappointing.


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